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So today, I signed up to become a volunteer with Inspiring the Future, and am looking forward to getting involved with schools in order to raise awareness of nursing, and the possibilities there for children looking into one day joining the workforce. I have previously done something similar through work, which I wanted to talk about. During my time working within a Primary Mental Health Team, we were involved in a careers event at one of the secondary schools in the city where I work,...

Anna Kalyta-Spawton
by Anna Kalyta-Spawton
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Anna Kalyta-Spawton

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Anna Kalyta-Spawton

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Dec 27, 2018

Bio I'm a newly qualified mental health nurse working with children and young people. I am on a rotational post, before commencing in my substantive role on a CYP PICU in March. I have previously engaged with a number of leadership programmes, including the Council of Deans Student Leadership Programme, and the NHS Academy Edward Jenner Programme.

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