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  MY BLOG November 2018  * July 2017, I took retirement aged 65, following 43 years of almost continuous  service with just a 5year break for a baby and being ill with cancer. * My Registration renewal was due on January 2018. I informed the registration and revalidation department that I was not renewing my registration.  * I then received a very short email saying I was off the register, I was not to use my qualification in any capacity that required a registered nurse, I could no...

Angela fowke
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Angela fowke

Angela fowke

Bourne end, bucks, United Kingdom

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Bio My name is angela and I am 66 years old! I was born in South Wales and moved to south east England when I was 10 and wanted to be a nurse since I was4. I completed my secondary education and went off to college for 2 years to do my pre-nursing course before starting my training to be an SRN at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough. I qualified in 1974 and have been in continuous service for 43 years apart from a 5 year break due to a baby and cancer. I spent most of my time working in the trauma side of nursing:- orthopaedics, A/E, and theatres as a recovery Sister. I then set up a medical department in a girls private school and worked as the Lead Sister for 23 years, retiring in 2017.

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