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Not a blog - but a poem! You see, I am breaking the rules in style!  Narrative This poem is an original piece of work written while I was studying for a Post Graduate Certificate in Primary Care Education at the University of Leeds. The poem was inspired by the sculpture ‘Crawling’ by Sophie Ryder (see the image I attached) and gifted to me by Elaine Powley, Roger Higson and everyone in my Creative Arts Group.    Tell me again where you came from And all the things you have...

Rhian Last
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Rhian Last

Rhian Last

Leeds, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Aug 15, 2018

Bio I am an education lead at Education For Health. I have a long and valuable experience working as a GPN, specialising in the care of patients with multiple long tem conditions. My key driver is to address the complexities of managing behaviour change to facilitate health improvement and the prevention of long term conditions. I am a national award winner for work in setting up nurse- run specialised clinics for patients with multiple long term conditions in a challenged inner city general practice surgery. My portfolio at Education For Health spans Leadership, Reducing Risk of Long Term Conditions, Complexity in Long Term Conditions and also recognition, diagnosis and support for people with Dementia to live well. I am an immediate past member of the NICE Quality Standards Advisory Committee (having served a six year term) and a standing member of the RCGP Yorkshire Faculty Board. I am also a standing member of the National Primary Care Network and this affords a valuable overview of the changes unfolding in the NHS overall, and primary care in particular. Outside of work, I am a Dementia Champion for Dementia Friends, an Alzheimer’s Society initiative. In conjunction with this I am the Social Media Coordinator for Dementia Friendly Leeds – a voluntary role.

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