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It is interesting to review the different perspectives of team members in an IT crisis.  working as I do in IT but with a clinical head, it changes and amplifies the difference in approach to the issue. While everybody is focused on getting the clinicians off paper and back onto their electronic record, my view is around the practicalities of the potential solutions offered and the ability to get them in quickly. Some of my IT from 3rd parties, are more of a 'meh' its down, its Friday we...

Francesca Dunn
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Francesca Dunn

As a Mum of two grown up boys, my children have not known anything different to having a working Mum. Views of working mums and now all parents have changed considerably over the life of the NHS.  We have travelled a long way from the days when a married woman stopped her nursing career when she got married, to if you had children there was view that you were permanent night staff - rotational rotas an end to most of this, but it is still possible, to the provision of workplace nurseries-...

Francesca Dunn
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Francesca Dunn

As you embark on your career in this wonderful profession, be aware that it doesn’t always fit with the illustrations in the Ladybird book of The Nurse. Yes, the uniform including the woollen cloak matches the pictures in the book – guard the cloak with your life, it is very welcome on cold days and night shift. However, nursing as a career can lead you in directions you may not even have considered as a role for a Nurse.  Take every opportunity to learn that is offered to you, don’t be...

Francesca Dunn
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Francesca Dunn

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Bio Registered General Nurse and Specialist Practitioner in School Nursing and Contraception. Been Nursing since 1985, but moved roles several times. Now work in Business Relationship Management at GSTT in London in the Data, Technology & Information Directorate (IT)

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