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I began my nurse training straight from school at the age of 18 at Charles Frears College of Nursing and Midwifery in Leicester; my clinical duties were predominantly at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.  My cohort, 9209 was the third cohort in Leicester of the newly established Project 2000 course. For the majority of my 3 year training I, and my peers had to battle with challenge from the traditionally trained nurses that we were not going to make the grade.  However, my response every time...

Sarah Latham
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Sarah Latham

Sarah Latham

Leicestershire, United Kingdom

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Bio I am a registered nurse with 23 years post registration experience. I have worked predominantly in medical and older persons nursing since qualifying with some time also as an infection prevention and control nurse. For the last 16 years I have worked within the community hospital network within Leicestershire, as a ward sister initially and also as a Hospital Matron. I have recently been appointed to a Lead Nurse post for Community Hospitals and Intensive Community Support Service. I am a proud nurse and believe in the art of nursing and especially that nursing the older person is a specialism and an art in itself. I am currently a fellow on the Older Persons Fellowship Course at Kings College London, the knowledge gained from this course is to continue to lead and drive excellent care for older persons care by working and developing our nursing workforce.

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Lead Nurse - Community Hospitals & Intensive Community Support Service

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