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Sounds odd, but in reality I’m doing same kind of work I’ve done for years – just in a different way.  My 15 year career in the NHS began in critical care and ended up in a managers chair, via cardiac specialist nursing and Primary Care.  During this time I developed a passion for education and was to become a trainer, and later Clinical Lead, for Education for Health. I became increasingly involved in professional societies within cardiology where I loved having the opportunity to get...

Joanne Loades
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Joanne Loades

Joanne Loades

Norwich, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Jun 1, 2018

Bio Clinically I am a cardiovascular specialist nurse and held a variety of roles within the NHS before setting up in business as an independent nurse consultant in 2010; delivering clinical, educational and consultancy services to a number of NHS, charitable and commercial organisations across the UK. As a former Clinical Lead for Education for Health I passionately believes in educating healthcare professionals to improve patient care. I am the current Chair of the Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Working Party of The British and Irish Hypertension Society and am also an Education Committee member of The European Society of Cardiology Council for Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions. I have authored many publications in the nursing and cardiology press both in the UK and internationally. I am currently engaged as a Nursing Associate with the National Association of Primary Care and is a Specialist Advisor to the Care Quality Commission.

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Independent Nurse Consultant & Specialist in Cardiovascular Disease

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