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So, I missed the blog and breaking the rules meeting-  but delighted to have changed my email footer!    Michaela RGN Msc :-)

Michaela Nuttall
by Michaela Nuttall
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Michaela Nuttall

Michaela Nuttall

London, United Kingdom

Joined this community on May 30, 2018

Bio Michaela, is a cardiovascular nurse specialist with a unique and varied experience across the NHS and beyond. She developed her passion from prevention 20 years ago and has worked within it ever since. In 2016 she left public health after working in the field for 16 years and now focuses on 3 main areas, as a Director for Smart Health Solutions, an Associate in Nursing for C3 Collaborating for Health and an Associate and the National Association of Primary Care. She has worked alongside Public Health England on NHS Health Check Competency Framework Review, Dementia offering and development of recommended data set. Michaela also provides trouble shooting support the Local Authorities around the NHS Health Check Programme. She is the Chair of the Health Care Committee of Heart UK and an invited member of both the Nurses and The Guidelines and Information working party of the British Hypertension Society, a variety of editorial boards and the Global Cardiovascular Nursing Leadership Forum. Some of Michaela's proudest achievements are being the founding chair Prevention Group for the South East London Cardiac Network and the Cardiovascular Nurse Leaders Group (CVNL), establishing the HEART UK NHS Health Check Awards and writing for the WHO. Being a Trustee at PoTS UK keeps her firmly rooted in the challenges patients face in living with life altering conditions Often not lost for words, she was delighted and overwhelmed when she won the Nutrition and Health Nurse of the Year Award in 2013.

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