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It would make a fascinating #WhoseShoes topic at some point. The power of WhoseShoes is looking at things from different perspectives. What is ⛔️stopping⛔️ young people going into nursing/midwifery or would-be returners returning? Describe your story ... Not sure what goes in here but this is a story of how the ‘#MatExp gang’ used Whose Shoes scenarios and poems on the main stage of NHS Expo 2017 as a very powerful, innovative way of Improving maternity care....

Gill Phillips
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Gill Phillips

Gill Phillips

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Bio #Hellomyname is Gill and I tweet as @WhoseShoes. I am known for gently but firmly pushing boundaries, challenging stereotypes, stigma and silo thinking. Proud to be listed in both the Health Service Journal's Top 50 Inspirational Women and Top 50 Innovators, and to be named as one of the most influential social media users in healthcare. I am the creator of Whose Shoes?®, a revolutionary multi-perspective approach to transforming health and social care services. Seeing issues from different perspectives can help build powerful social movements for change. Take a look at #MatExp, which I co-founded with Florence Wilcock, an amazing person-centred obstetrician from Kingston Hospital, and the collaborative work our community is doing to improve maternity care. The award-winning Whose Shoes? board game encourages everyone to explore issues as equals, feel that they too can make a difference, and to co-produce imaginative, person-centred solutions. The Whose Shoes?® approach was highly commended by the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network in 2016. I enjoy speaking at events on a wide range of topics, but always with a human touch about the power of involving people as equals – no hierarchy, just people. I have been privileged to speak internationally, including conferences in Malta,Paris, Puerto Rico and Australia.

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