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We need to be able to explain the profession better rather than just saying 'we care for people' or 'make them better'.... How do we do that and why?  I help my patients wash and dress. This enables me to assess their abilities and disabilities and plan their care needs. I can see their skin and see wounds and sores. It enables me to have some insight into their life as to whether they look after themselves well or are able to.  I feed my patients or help them to feed themselves. Again...

Claire Conboy
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Claire Conboy

Nurses need to come and take control.of their profession and own it. For too long we've been seen as the Doctor's assistant. We need to change this. The doctors look for an illness or problem and try to mend it; we look at the PERSON to see whether we can help them to accept the change.  Please add your story below:

Claire Conboy
by Claire Conboy
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