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"My Story" is uploaded as a Word doc (below). It describes the extraordinary experience I had twenty years ago, when I nearly lost my life. How the NHS doctors, nurses and ancillary staff tended to me constantly during 3 months in ICU. As I have posted elsewhere on social media "You held my hand, wiped my tears, gently stroked my head during my most fearful moments - you never judged me: just loved me back to life." I will do anything and everything I can to speak out on behalf of the NHS...

Mark Edgerton
by Mark Edgerton
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Mark Edgerton

The idea of nursing (and midwifery) needs to move into the 21st century: anyone (female or male), with a desire to truly make a difference at the beginning , middle or end of life should be inspired to step forward into their light. Let’s strip away stereotypes and labels, and value nursing (in all its glorious facets) as a fully inclusive human vocation! I love the photo of a female  nurse  inspiring  a young girl- what about a male nurse inspiring a young boy to become a male nurse?...

Mark Edgerton
by Mark Edgerton
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Mark Edgerton

Mark Edgerton

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