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Nursing is one of the pillars of the NHS - let's celebrate the 70th NHS anniversary by showing the everyday impact of the nursing community in our health system over the less seven decades.  “District and community nursing was one of the pillars on which the NHS was founded” Crystal Oldman   Tell us your story below ...

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Dominic Cushnan

Dominic Cushnan

United Kingdom

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Bio Dominic leads on Horizons’ technology endeavours. From hackathons to unconferences Dominic spends his days looking at how the future of technology will impact the way we both organise and deliver health, using this knowledge to create a spark and amplify our health system colleagues’ power. With his entrepreneurial background in ground breaking technology solutions working with the pioneers in virtual reality, computer vision and projects like the Holodeck (Birmingham University), he has spent the last decade focusing less on the technical and more on the people element in change.

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