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My boys are 8 and 10 and I talk to them about wellbeing and mental health. I'm no teacher so I usually say too much and then come back to talking about having thoughts and feelings which can sometimes be upsetting, that this is not unusual, and that it's good to talk. This is'nt something they talk about at school- not part of lessons or topical work.  I'm aware that the school nurse is very hands on with all the bumps, bruises, falls and illness amongst other things everyday.  I wonder if...

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Paula Rylatt

Paula Rylatt

Wakefield, United Kingdom

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Bio I am currently a Change and Innovation Development Manager for the organisation, and the Suicide Prevention Project Manager for the West Yorkshire Suicide Strategy. I have worked in the Trust for almost 17 years in various roles- mental health nursing, practice development, management, service improvement and recovery development. I have loved (almost!) every minute. I'm passionate about quality improvement and innovation, believe in the intrinsic capability of all people, and truly enjoy working with others to produce something great together!

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