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Focusing on our Futures

So today, I signed up to become a volunteer with Inspiring the Future, and am looking forward to getting involved with schools in order to raise awareness of nursing, and the possibilities there for children looking into one day joining the workforce. I have previously done something similar through work, which I wanted to talk about.

During my time working within a Primary Mental Health Team, we were involved in a careers event at one of the secondary schools in the city where I work, where we spoke about becoming a mental health nurse, a social worker, and an occupational therapist to groups of year eleven children. It was really inspiring to see full classrooms of children eager to be involved, and I felt confident that the future of nursing will improve as new generations of workers join our ranks.

What resources were most helpful?

We utilised PowerPoint presentations and questions and answers, however what really helped us engage with the children was our social worker bringing in resources from her other role; play therapy. The young people really enjoyed playing with the toys we brought in, despite their slightly older age, and it helped them to re-engage with their younger selves. We also took in Maltesers, a tool for a highly amusing mindfulness activity, which really got the kids interested!

What would be even better if ...

I think to make this experience even better than it was would have been to have slightly longer with the young people, and present to even more of them. We were very fortunate, however, to have jam packed classrooms for two hour long sessions, which was a resounding success!

Bev Matthews 3 weeks ago

Hi Anna, thank you for sharing your experience - it sounds fabulous! Its interesting that play specialists are being mentioned many times now for supporting our engagement with primary school too. Let us know how things go with Inspiring the Future.

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