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Influencing the next generation!

RCN Officer Emma Phillips and RCN Learning and Development Facilitator Gill Coverdale and Trust nursing colleagues took the opportunity to visit a Rotherham primary school and entertain 34 young people to a ‘Nursing as a Career’ workshop. 

The pupils enthusiastically took part in an interactive session learning about the profession and what it has to offer.  Using information produced by the RCN Foundation as the basis for a workshop, RCN staff and Registered Nurses from The Rotherham Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust designed a fun and informative day.

By teaming up staff were able to take realistic resources to enable the children to bandage each other and explore 3D models of parts of the body as part of a hands-on learning experience. The ten and eleven year olds were shown how to take a pulse and even how to put a plaster cast on as well as using a light box to check if they had washed their hands properly.

There was an opportunity to share information about key figures from nursing history and the local press even showed up. As part of the event the nurses taking part talked about working in a variety of workplace settings and how children are cared for in hospital.

The team from the Hospital said they'd loved it so much they couldn't wait to team up and do more events in the future.

We all came away being very proud that we are all nurses!

The team are keen to take this workshop to other school sites, if you would like to get involved or if you know of a school that would benefit from a visit of this nature then please get in touch

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