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Dragons Den: Working with Inspiring The Future for the January Challenge

As a nursing ambassador I have signed up with Inspiring the Future:

They connect individuals with schools and schools with individuals and you can either go in to the platform and offer a visit, workshop etc or the schools in the area that you sign up with will contact you to request a visit, workshop or similar.  i signed up as part of the run up for the schools challenge as I wanted to see how it worked and how easy it was.  It was therefore a lovely surprise this week to receive an invite from one of my local schools to my home town ( where I don't live any more but wanted to connect with where I was educated).

This is the invite I received:

Sir Graham Balfour's Business Enterprise Day on Thursday 24th January 2019. The day involves year 10 students deciding on a business venture, and producing a business plan. We would love you to come along as a 'business dragon' at the point when the students have put together their plan. The 'business dragons' are invited to listen to the plans and decide on group winners who then go onto present to the 'business dragons' in a grand final. The 'dragons' would look at how the plan has been put together, the viability of the idea, financial aspects, how well they worked as a team, how they utilised the skills of the group and more. The 'business dragons' would be required to attend during the students' lunch break which would be aproximately 12.30. School finishes at 15.20.
Thank you for your interest and hope that you can come along for the afternoon!

Business enterprise day involves year 10 students putting together a business idea in groups of 10. The ideas are then put into a business plan. The plan is presented to a panel of judges (dragons), who will identify the winners that go onto the final. The judges will then identify the overall winners of the business enterprise day.

So I have accepted and am very excited about this rather fabulous opportunity - needless to say I will use it to promote the profession and take along the schools resources that we are developing and I will signpost both schools to the Spark webinar that we did last week.  

I am also keen to learn if there are other ambassadors on this platform who are planning to go to Walton High School in Stafford ( which is where the day is being held) or Graham Balfour School in Stafford ( which is where the students are from) as part of the January schools challenge.  If so please let me know and we can coordinate our activity!  If not I will write a full report on my day.

What resources were most helpful?

What would be even better if ...

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