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My Resilience Reservoir

Over recent months I have been working with NHS Horizons team and the nursing and midwifery Ambassadors who are building positive perceptions of the profession. On a recent zoom call, we gathered Ambassadors from across the country and did a “virtual” mini workshop, facilitated by Bev Matthews.

This was testing my resilience and staying power as it was working with technology that I’m less comfortable with, easier to do something else, but I stuck with it and I knew I would feel a sense of achievement if I just give it a go. I did, and I loved it.

The zoom workshop focused on resilience and what does resilience mean to all of us. It got me thinking.

In my work as an Organisational Development Consultant, with groups and teams within the English NHS, previously an NHS Director, previously Psychotherapist, previously Probation Officer, there is a theme here…. I recognise that one of the things that helps build my resilience is change. Change of environment, change in work practice, change in colleagues, change in work pressures, change in the content of the job itself, doing and learning something different, the feel of something new.

For me I think, feel and see my resilience as a reservoir about knowing myself and what to do more of and less off. I feel I am at my most resilient pushing myself, sometimes, but not all the time. Trying something new, looking for inspiration in every corner, about knowing my limits and allowing myself to have a bad day.

To fill my resilience reservoir, I need time for me, for myself, time to exercise, to look and find inspiration everywhere in the ordinariness of life. Some would say these are luxuries, but I know if I am running on empty then my resilience is not good. My work will suffer and so will I.

Carl Gustave Jung, the Swiss psychologist in his works “The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious” (1959), wrote about recreation saying that it is not just time off or time for hobbies and activities but time to make sense in our world and time to recreate ourselves, to regenerate and to reflect and make our own meaning.

What I continue to learn and believe, what we give out we somehow get back. It’s about being KIND.

Thank you, Ambassadors, for adding to my “resilience reservoir”

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Bev Matthews 2 weeks ago

love the image of a reservoir Jude. I read a book once about 10 tanks that you need to keep topped up from the various support mechanisms in your life, at the different stages in your life too. You have motivated me to dig it out again! Thank you

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Kathryn Perera 2 weeks ago

Wow, this is a beautiful post thank you. I'd love to share it more widely - would you consider writing thoughts up into a blog? I particularly enjoyed the idea of shifting roles as a way of building energy. Sometimes it's mistaken as an escape valve - a way to avoid problems. But in some cases, it can be used to give our "best selves" to a piece of work, knowing we are not there for the long haul but can make our most effective contribution in a short time...

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