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Diane Last
Diane Last | 1 month ago | in Ambassadors' Resources

In September we took part in our first entire school health ambassador event.  Following discussion with a local secondary school, we agreed to host an event that every student within the school would attend.  We arranged for each year group to attend in turn during one of their lessons in the school hall.  As an acute Trust we attended with a variety of healthcare professions to provide information and encouragement to consider a career in healthcare.  For years 7, 8 and 9 we had 9 tables with various activities and professionals and asked the students to find out the answers to pre-set questions and experience some hands-on activities.  For years 10 and 11 we had a more formal approach where students could ask information regarding career pathways but again including some pre-set questions and activities.  All 210 pupils attended and we received some great feedback.  We have now been asked to repeat this event at another local school.  Although this did take a lot of discussion and organising, it was a worthwhile  event and as professionals we feel that we gained as much as the students did.

Bev Matthews 1 month ago

That's fantastic Diane - how about planning your next school for January and make it your 30 Day Challenge?

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