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Tony Longbone
Tony Longbone | 1 month ago | in Ambassadors' Resources

So never let it be said that I rest on my laurels or that I'm afraid to try new things.

So January's challenge is to give a talk to young people about the wonderful careers within our NHS and me being me, I saw an opportunity a little while ago to sign up to Inspiring the Future to support us with this challenge so as usual I grabbed it.

Last night I took a leap into this opportunity and attended my first careers fair and what an experience it was. It's not that I haven't spoken to young people about my role within the NHS as I have many Dementia Friends sessions to Cubs and Scouts whilst being known as the Medicine Man within our local district as I was the person who works in Nursing. I have always been very open about my job whilst both a Cub and Scout Leader but never before I spoken with young people about joining our nursing family.

If I'm honest I was a little anxious as I arrived at the school as I wondered what kind of questions I'll be asked or if I'll get asked any questions at all, then there's the fact that as a non-registered member of the NHS team who am I to speak to people about educational routes for young people to follow to begin their journey into nursing. Once I'd taken a deep breath and considered the deeper understanding that I have of the system and developments that are being embedded with the Nursing Associate and Nursing Apprentice roles, also reminding myself of my own journey I soon realised that I have the building blocks to hand with which to have these first discussions.

The table was laid out, our Trust banner had pride of place and the young people were arriving. It was nice to see the number of young people that we spoke with throughout the evening that had already considered a career in nursing and it was astounding to see the breadth of areas that were being considered. We had people that aspired to a career as a paramedic, operation department practitioner and a number who had a interest in occupational therapy. It gives me confidence to hear that young people have these aspirations as it means that our future workforce are already considering where they fit into our fine service.

As the evening continued and more people passed our tables I could feel my confidence grow as I began to speak about my journey and some of the things I have achieved in the variety of roles I have undertaken. It was a real pleasure to share my passion and encourage others to join, from the young people who were considering diverse careers within healthcare or their parents who were now looking at ways that they too can begin working within care settings.

As the evening drew to a close I was able to reflect about the evening overall and think about how I could possibly better engage with the young people and what information may be helpful in readiness for my next event in November. 

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Michaela Nuttall 2 weeks ago

Great read, and well done. What advice would you give to anyone else doing it? what sort of things to display etc? thanks, Michaela

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Tony Longbone 2 weeks ago

Hi Michaela,

Thank you for your kind words, probably the best advice I could give is to not panic, relax and remember your own journey into nursing. As the evening progressed I found myself talking more about the different opportunities there are within the NHS and also my positive experiences. The only things I displayed were our Trust banner, a manual Sphygmomanometer and a few other resources I have available.
Once I'd spoken to a couple of people I soon got into my stride and it all flowed well, if I'm honest I really enjoyed the experience and I'm looking forward to the January challenge.

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