Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery


Not a blog - but a poem! You see, I am breaking the rules in style! 


This poem is an original piece of work written while I was studying for a Post Graduate Certificate in Primary Care Education at the University of Leeds. The poem was inspired by the sculpture ‘Crawling’ by Sophie Ryder (see the image I attached) and gifted to me by Elaine Powley, Roger Higson and everyone in my Creative Arts Group. 


Tell me again where you came from

And all the things you have seen

Give me your footsteps to follow

And take me where you have once been

Play me the music that moved you

Lead in the movements you’ve danced

Show me your givens of living

And those things that happened by chance

Give me your backbone to lean on

Each vertebrae carved on your form

Shape me in your situation

Guide through the eye of your storm

Share your reason for being

The emotions and ailments you feel 

For only you have your story

Proffer your hand and reveal


What inspired you to write this blog?

Narrative is key to being a good nurse. We can learn so much and help far more effectively when sharing stories. Our patients’ stories are their gifts to us. They offer insights and elightenment and they will be as wide and varied as human nature itself. May my gift as a nurse be to ask the right questions and listen with care.

What is your role?

A GPN for 20 years I now work in clinical education with Education For Health. I am also editor in chief of the Journal of General Practice Nursing.

What are your nursing and/or midwifery qualifications?


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