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Celebrating Diversity and Valuing Difference

Bev Matthews
Bev Matthews | 3 months ago | in Ambassadors' Resources

This month we want you to look creatively at solving a difficult problem at work or in your community. we are asking you to look wider than the normal group you involve in problem solving and look divergently at your community and see who could help you and bring different prospective and views.

We want you to consider who will increase your approach to thinking about the problem by widening your network and making better use of others experience, skills and uniqueness, creating an environment where people are comfortable sharing their points of view.  

Be as inclusive as you can, including people from as many diverse backgrounds as you can, be it gender, ethnicity, age, disability or experience. We’d like to invite you to then write a blog of between 200 and 600 words on your experience. 

By the end of the month we would like you to have captured your problem solving in the best format for you, whether it a a blog, vlog or a drawing, we would like you to share the thoughts that you have gathered from your conversations with colleagues from different perspectives, showing how your approach changed by the end of the conversation.

For more information on the challenge please see Bev’s blog

Please do share your thoughts and progress below too

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