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We have only scratched the 'Rule Breaking' surface

The August Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery challenge is ‘Break the Rules’.  Ambassadors have been invited to run sessions with the focus on coming together as a group and discussing that if you had the chance to break, challenge or change any rules in service of a better experience or outcome for patients and staff, what would it be? What "Permissions" do we want to grant to enable us to offer a better experience or outcome for patients and staff?

I found running the session to be a fun experience. It helps to foster some brilliant thought provoking and insightful conversations. My advice to my fellow ambassadors is to follow the groups lead; be brave and break the rules.

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My name is Gil Ramsden, I am a Care Sector Lead for NHS England (North) and I’m a proud Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery Ambassador. I have signed up to the Twelve 30 day challenges which were launched by Professor Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England on 14th May 2018 .The challenges are part of an exciting national campaign to transform perceptions of nursing and midwifery, in support to improve recruitment and retention.

I was on an Ambassador call on the 25th July when we were introduced to the ‘Break the Rules ‘challenge. I was very enthused by the concept and was keen to get started as soon as possible. I had been invited on a visit to WCS Care’s Castle Brook care home in Kenilworth on the 31st July. To be honest I couldn’t think of a better place to hold a ‘Break the Rules’ session than at WCS Care’s Castle Brook. I immediately thought that this visit would be a perfect opportunity to run a session, considering the range of experience we would have in terms of health and social care. It also fits in with the ethos of WCS Care as they are ‘rule breaking’ in their approach to care. The care home at Kenilworth is innovative and forward thinking; they use new technology to ensure residents receive the best level of care e.g. digital night monitoring and circadian rhythm lighting.

The group was the first to trial the ‘Break the Rules' session. I was impressed with the level of debate and how fast the group got into discussion. We had a broad mix of people with varying health industry background experience, which was great for the structure of our session. We came up with some excellent ideas on the rules we would like to break including changing the way we address emails, by adding brief prompts to the title, such as ‘action today’, ‘info only’ or ‘cascade now’, and adapting our revalidation reflection template and action plan so care home colleagues can use it post-meetings and other events to support their continuous improvement and quality improvement initiatives, and to submit as evidence of engagement during CQC inspections. These were simple but effective, low cost, high impact and very beneficial ideas.

The Break the Rules session was a great success, the group was engaged and enthusiastic throughout the session. I came away feeling like we had only scratched the surface and that there are many more rules to be rewritten. I can’t wait to run two more sessions that I have planned for August as they are opportunities to get the things that stop us from doing our job out of the way.

I had been eager to visit the home since hearing Ed Russell (WCS Care’s Director of Innovation and Development) speak at our Care Together, Share Together Conference.  My team colleagues and I were so inspired by Ed’s speech that I asked if we could arrange a visit.  Ed and WCS Care’s Head of Marketing Jo Cheshire were kind enough to allow me to share the visit with several colleagues, including Horizon team members Lynsey Oates and Rosie Redstone, Sue Noon Care Sector Lead for Cheshire and Merseyside (NHS England), Karen Tooley, Lead Nurse for Care Homes, Quality and Safety in Doncaster and Bernadette Mossman Healthcare Director at Vida Healthcare, Harrogate.


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