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Musing in a crisis

It is interesting to review the different perspectives of team members in an IT crisis.  working as I do in IT but with a clinical head, it changes and amplifies the difference in approach to the issue.

While everybody is focused on getting the clinicians off paper and back onto their electronic record, my view is around the practicalities of the potential solutions offered and the ability to get them in quickly. Some of my IT from 3rd parties, are more of a 'meh' its down, its Friday we can deal with this next week, with no visible level of urgency.

Those of us who have a closer relationship with the coal face and the day to day running of the organization, are decidedly more focused on trying to move things forward so that we can come in on Monday to a plan of some sort to be developed further.

Internally the culture has changed significantly with the link to the patient experience and delivering patient care becoming more embedded in IT. This is not necessarily felt in the same way by support organisations.

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Dealing with an IT outage

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