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My Motivational Songs by Zara Head

This will be a tricky one to answer, I love music. My taste in music varies so much, my music in my car ranges from melodic metal (or “that screamo rubbish” as the children like to call it) rock, 80s, French bands and Greek music! Certainly eclectic,  like me "</p

Music has always played a huge part in my life, most of my memories have songs linked in with them, I have songs that remind me of people, places, feelings….

Driving home from work with music on loud in the car is a real stress release for me, I often sing along (badly) and do my own backing vocals too. I was once driving home one summer evening with the windows down in my beloved land rover Derek, singing my socks off to Def Leppard’s Animal. I pulled up at a junction, forgetting that the widows were down until a guy in a white van next to me joined in with the “Whoo Whoo Whooo”.

Anyway, I’m digressing again, so, what are my five most motivational songs? I’m warning you, they’re an eclectic bunch.

1- Mr Brightside, The Killers. This song never fails to lift my mood.

2- Elle me dit by Mika, a really happy singalong cheery uppy song.

3- Mustang Sally, the song my friends and I sang together the day we qualified, always makes me smile.

4-  Tha Peso Tha Sikotho by Loukas Yiorkas, this song makes me feel like it’s.  summer all year round.

5- Last but certainly not least, Someone’s Shot of Whiskey by Duke and the Daisy, a song that holds a huge place in my heart. This song was a favourite of someone incredibly special to me. Tracy was my closest friend during my student days, and remained so. Sadly she died in January 2017. She was the strongest woman I’ve ever met, a wonderful dedicated nurse who always made her patients the centre of everything. She was my voice of reason and a source of a brutally honest opinion. She encouraged me from day one and I owe so much to her. This was a local band to us who were fabulous. This song always reminds me that I can do anything if I try hard enough because that was Tracy’s belief.

If any of you are ever in Cafe Indie in Scunthorpe, her photo is on the wall, a tribute to a special lady with the biggest sense of fairness who fought hard for those who couldn’t fight for themselves  ❤️

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