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My Dream Job by Zara Head

Day 4 challenge. What is my dream nursing job?

I’ve had a wonderful career so far with a few dream jobs and I know this sounds really corny but I think I already have my dream job.

I haven’t really introduced myself and my role yet, I am the Lead Nurse for Primary Care Quality at NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group.

I was a practice nurse in a busy, friendly GP practice for many years, (this is a dream job) I got to know our patients, their families, the community. In primary care you build relationships and trust with patients in a way that is different to all other areas of nursing, in my opinion. Not only did we know the patient but if anything happened to that patient we also knew who it would impact upon (neighbours, friends, family) this is unique to primary care. Teamwork is also invaluable in practice, with a strong supportive team, anything is possible.

I went on to become a CQC inspector, a challenging and hugely interesting role, not something that I saw myself doing in my student days, not in my wildest dreams!

But then my dream job was advertised, a mix of my practice nurse knowledge and regulation knowledge. My current role involves supporting quality within our area where there are 42 practices. Supporting compliance to regulations such as the Health and Social Care Act and many more.

Although I am office based, I get to visit practices and talk with teams of staff and I am always at the end of the phone or email for advice or support. I certainly don’t claim to know all the answers but I usually know where to look or who to ask.  I also work alongside secondary care colleagues and the GP Federation.

Primary Care, like other areas is changing rapidly, I enjoy seeing new nurses coming into primary care, new ways of working developing and new ideas being trialled. There is a huge amount of talent in primary care and some excellent, forward thinking and adaptable nurses.

So, my dream job is…

1- in primary care (I love it, you may have noticed).

2- working with a great team (I am in the Quality and Patient Safety team, although I work very closely with the Primary Care team and many other teams within the CCG).

3- being supportive and encouraging.

4- somewhere where I’ll never get bored.

My current role fits all the above so I think I can say I have my dream job.

What inspired you to write this blog?

The Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery 30 Day Challenge

What is your role?

Proud Queen's Nurse, Mum and CCG Lead Nurse for Primary Care Quality

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