Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

20 Facts by Zara Head

ooh this is a challenge, where do I start?

1- I started my nurse training back in 1989 at Scunthorpe General Hospital, I’ll be honest, I chose Scunthorpe as it was far enough away from home to live in nurses accommodation but near enough to get home when I ran out of money (which wasn’t a rare occasion) but it was a perfect choice, I made lifelong friends and learned so much. I loved it.

2- I always wanted to be a nurse and I can’t remember ever wanting to be anything else.

3- I’m not naturally acedemic, this journey hasn’t been easy, but it’s all been worth it. I’ve never stopped learning and I enjoy new challenges.

4- I’m 6 feet tall (and clumsy, very Miranda) In 1989 nurse uniforms were mainly dresses for women, (only the men got to wear trousers) and the dresses came in a standard length. My dress was very short so I was sent to the sewing room where a strip of material was sewn onto the bottom of my dress! Thankfully my tutor stepped in and new dresses were ordered just for me.

5- My heart is in Primary Care, I started as a practice nurse in 2004, in my humble opinion, as nursing goes, it’s as good as it gets. My passion is encouraging nurses in to Primary Care.

6- I love cars, especially the sound of a nice burbling V6 or V8 engine.

7- At school, in the 80s a teacher told me I wasn’t clever enough to be a nurse, so I worked harder!

8- my favourite colour is pink, my desk at work is very pink. My theory is that nobody can come to my desk and not smile.

9- I have had some amazing mentors and guiding lights in my career, people who have inspired me, supported and challenged me, I am grateful for all of them.

10- I really struggle to parallel park.

11- I was a member of the guidance development group for the NICE guidance for Infection Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections in Primary Care, I never imagined that in my wildest dreams when I was a student nurse. The guidance took two years to write and I travelled to London from Yorkshire once a month.

12- I have no sense of direction, I can even get lost with the sat nav on, much to my friend’s amusement!

13- I always try to stay positive, being negative doesn’t change the situation, it just makes me feel sad.

14- My children would say that the downside to having a nurse as a mum is me worrying about things more because I’ve seen accidents happen from the silliest of things.

15- I love rock music… loud.

16- My favourite season is Autumn.

17- I have an attention seeking Bengal cat.

18- I really don’t like touching polystyrene!

19- I love making people smile.

20- I love being a nurse.

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The Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery 30 Day Challenge

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