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What I Fear For The Future Of Nursing by Zara Head

I’m sitting here with my morning coffee in the sunshine, thinking long and hard about this question, it’s a tricky one.

There have been fears around changes in the profession for many years, fears that I feel were unfounded.

There were fears when student nurses no longer trained in Schools of Nursing and when nurse education became university based, somehow the hands-on care skills would be lost. In my opinion this certainly hadn’t happened, instead our profession has been strengthened, supported by robust education. A degree does not replace or remove the human skills still required to be a good nurse, empathy, kindness and integrity, instead it adds another layer of understanding.

There were fears when nurses were starting to develop new skills, many of these were traditionally performed by doctors. But look how far we have come? We have nurses working in advanced practice in so many areas, nurse prescribing is commonplace, nurse endoscopists, nurse colposcopists, surgical care practioners, advanced nurse practitioners, nurse led GP practices (that certainly turns the phrase “you need to go to the doctors” on its head!).and many more.  All of these developments in nursing practice have happened in a relatively short period of time but with training, support and empowerment they were all made possible.

The more I have thought about this question, the more I realise I don’t have any specific fears. The NHS and the nursing profession is perpetually changing, growing, developing. New drugs, new technologies, new research, all bring change. We must embrace this change, turn our challenges into opportunities  and work together to give the highest quality care that we can.

If we embrace and welcome change, support each other through times of change and train and develop the next generation of nurses into strong, capable and confident practitioners, we have little to fear. Teamwork is vital, none of us can do this alone. Let’s encourage each other.

This reminds me of a quote, I can’t seem to find the author of this though…..

“Blowing someone else’s candle out will not make yours shine brighter”

In other words, lets glow together and see what the future holds.

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