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20 Facts about me! by Daniel Gooding

For day 2 of the NHS Horizons, I am going to share 20 facts about me! However, I am not that interesting but maybe it’ll help you to know me better!

  1. My full name is Daniel Connor Louis Gooding.
  2. I am engaged to Lucy May Mason and we are going to get married on 29th August 2020!
  3. I have a large family both biological and otherwise, with 6 siblings!
  4. And because of my chosen family, I have quite a strong French influence!
  5. My God Son is named Jack and is 5 years old.
  6. My favourite colour is green.
  7. I am dyslexic and am convinced that I mainly passed my degree because of my 1:1 support from Kerry at Diverse Learners.
  8. I have my NQN job on a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, starting in the Autumn.
  9. I was an academy footballer when I was younger although I haven’t played properly ages.
  10. I tried to copy the hairstyles of David Beckham when I was younger.
  11. I’m not scared of heights, I’m scared of falling.
  12. I am lucky to have worked alongside brilliant, different nurse leaders and because of that, I am able to look up to people like Emma Bull, Jude Diggins & Bernell Bussue.
  13. I’ve moved 21 times in 25 years.
  14. I spent most of my teenage years as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints AKA Mormon.
  15. I believe video games such as “Pokemon Go” have the potential to do great things in ability to reduce obesity.
  16. My dream job is to work as an ANP in either PICU, Retrieval or Accident & Emergency.
  17. I intend to do humanitarian work through out my career.
  18. Until the second year of my degree I ran an entire Scout Group!
  19. I love quoting quotes.
  20. I was either nominated for or won an award for each of my last 4 years of education (1 year access course and 3 years at university).

Thanks for reading!


What inspired you to write this blog?

The Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery 30 Day Challenge


What is your role?

Third Year CYP Nursing Student -  Leader - Nursing Activist - RCN SIO of the Year 2018


What are your nursing and/or midwifery qualifications?

Third Year CYP Nursing Student


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