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My Fears About The Future of Nursing by Daniel Gooding

This topic is one that I haven’t really thought about, so this blog will be rolling with my thoughts, with occasional commentary from Stuart Young. So, what are my fears about the future of Nursing?

RN Numbers

It has been well publicised that in the next 10 years, 1/3 of the Registered Nurse workforce is due to retired. One in three. That is a huge amount and whilst that could lead to opportunities for nurses to develop their career, that will put serious strain on society and without doubt will put the care of individuals in society at a huge risk. The most frustrating thing is, we can all see it coming, but the steps the government are taking are shortsighted and irresponsible. So, to repeat, we are losing 1 in three RNs to retirement over the next 10 years.

Politics in Health

This is more a concern about the NHS but if affects nursing. The Carillion collapsed has sent shockwaves across the country. Including the health service. One of the projects they were working on was the construction of what is due to be the biggest hospital in the West Midlands. This project has paused, at least for now. Think about the wider ramifications of this for patients. The lack of services which were to be provided. It is all a part of the use of the NHS as a political football. It is my firm belief that the NHS should be given the funding it needs. In relation to nursing, by giving this funding, there will be better opportunities for health and well being for nursing staff which is most likely to reduce the long term sick and have a positive impact on the work force and the care provided.

Safe staffing

Research has found that safe staffing has a very real impact on mortality rates. Each 10% increase in the amount of care left undone was associated with a 16% increase in the likelihood of a patient dying following common surgery. Safe staffing is patient safety. I know the RCN have said we (the members of the RCN are the RCN) are going to be doing work on this England over the next year, so it’s positive to see steps being taken, I just hope it is listened too, and that it’s not too late to do something.Thanks for reading,DCLG

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