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My Top 5 Favourite Motivational Songs by Daniel Gooding

As with most people, music is amazing at influencing my mood and I find it intriguing how the music we listen too changes our moods. Today’s blog is looking at what my top 5 favourite motivational songs are.

5) Emeli Sandé – Read all about it

What I love about this song is how raw it comes across. This song is the first of two from Emeli Sandé. I have listened to the same album since my access course. This song encourages me to try and to make a difference, spreading positivity as possible.

4) Newton Faulkner – Long Shot

This song, for me, is about taking risks and having faith in yourself. I love the chorus, which goes “It’s such a long shot, Everything that we’ve got, Just living on this rock, Surrounded by the sea. With our shoes off, Balancing on rooftops, You put your faith in preachers, I put my faith in me.” Perhaps it’s because of having faith in religious figures and then one day, I switched the emphasis to me. As my belief system changes religiously, it also changed how I go about conducting myself and my believes about myself, what I can achieve. I think the course makes things so factual and simplistic. This is more of a song that I listen to the words of.

3) Emeli Sandé – Mountains

The second Emeli Sandé song on this list is purely about working hard. I love the lyrics for this song. It starts with her talking about her dream “I’m going to have a bed with lots of pillows. And that we’re going to build a house with lots of windows. And when we have the kids we’ll tell them to remind we of where we were now so we never get lazy.” The song makes me proud to have worked hard, especially over the last year whilst with Lucy, working towards moving in together and having set our goals. I’d recommend listening to it. I love this song!

2) Kygo – Firestone

For Kygo, it is definitely more of a beat thing. I love the tropical house sort of vibe you get from it. The song really gets me fired up. “Our hearts are like firestones! And when they strike, we feel the love. Sparks will fly, they ignite our bones. And when they strike, we light up the world!” < I love this imagery, the power of it.

1) Imagine Dragons – On Top of the World

This song is such a feel good song. I first heard it towards the end of my degree and I really took its advice in that I waited to celebrate until it is all confirmed. This song is a celebration of everything that I have achieved, and allowing myself time to celebrate whilst remembering how far I’ve come and those that have helped me along the way!

What are your favourite songs?

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