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5 things I do every shift by Daniel Gooding

Every shift is different however here are a few things that are ingrained and become habit, and I’ll explain why I have mentioned them!

1) Safety checks. Basic, yes. Important? Very. I’m putting safety checks in here because of how crucial they are;

  • Oxygen
  • Suction
  • Name bands

Obviously, some trusts have more safety checks, but I believe these are critical. With these three checks, you know you have the right patient and that your basic life support equipment is working!

2) Talk with the parents. As a children’s nurse, the parents can supply me with a wealth of information. They know their child. They know what they are normally like. They know behaviours and crucially, know if behaviours are different. Undervaluing parents is setting oneself up to fail.

3) Share my plan of care. In children’s nursing, we focus on family centred care. By sharing my plan, what I hope to achieve, what speciality’s I intend to liaise with that day, I believe it helps the family feel more confident. It also gives them to opportunity to ask about other specialities involved.

4) Check those around me. Particularly in the final year of my training, I had mentors who didn’t just watch over those in their care, but also supported, to the best of their ability, other staff. Granted, my mentors were all experience staff nurses by this point, but the fact that they took the time to just check in is with the others, is something I do to the best of my ability. After all, we should all be one team.

5) Hydrate. Okay, I do not always get this one spot on, however it is vital for so many reasons. Primarily, we must look after ourselves. Our capability and effectiveness as a practitioner diminishes if we do not. We are also examples and role models to those we care for. We are just hypocrites if we strongly advising those in our care to drink if they do not see us drinking.

So they are 5 things I do on every shift! Thank you for reading!

Yours in nursing,


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The Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery 30 Day Challenge

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Third Year CYP Nursing Student -  Leader - Nursing Activist - RCN SIO of the Year 2018


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Third Year CYP Nursing Student


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