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My dream job in nursing by newly qualified nurse

My dream job was a difficult blog for me as these so many possibilities within nurse profession but it’s hard to pin down on what I want to do but they are two clear paths I feel that I may go down.

The first is an advanced clinical practitioner either in an emergency setting or GP practice as I like the idea of being more accountable for the decisions and treatment.

The other pathway is leadership and transformation, my previous degree is in professional studies which focused on change management bringing in new ideas which I  feel is we well suit to the changing nature of healthcare. I am really passionate about making sure the nurses feel empowered to deliver outstanding healthcare which can lead to patients also bring empowered about their health. One of my strengths is I can spot talent in other people and understand their strengths and areas of improvement and where they were the best fitting within a team. I enjoy helping people reach their full potential . I also understand how to adapt to different leadership styles in different situations and comfortable making decisions that may not always be popular. One of my strongest skills is problem-solving and thinking outside the box so a future career in site management, bed management, transformation team or ward manager may be something I would consider, find interesting and challenging.

Currently, I’m enjoying being a staff nurse on a busy emergency assessment unit and looking forward to how this is going to develop me and  Strengthen my clinical practice skills.

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The Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery 30 Day Challenge


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