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20 things about me by newly qualified nurse

Okay so here is my 20 things about me. I hope you enjoy it and learn a bit about me.

I ) I absolutely love living in Norfolk I enjoy the beaches, the countryside the actual city of Norwich which sweet and Unique it might not be big but it’s definitely a fine city!

2) I have an amazing son who makes me proud in every way. Looking forward to supporting and watch him achieve his dreams.

3) I have two gorgeous fabulous younger sisters. One of my sisters has LD and a long-term rare condition. It’s meant I’ve been round to hospitals most of my life it was this that inspired me to become a nurse. My baby sister is currently a healthcare assistant within my trust and inspired to be in LD nurse, when she achieves this she’s going to be fantastic.

img_1284My mum and Dad

4) My mum and dad are my rocks they support and encouragement and everything I do.

5)I am learning to drive I have put this off for many of years as the idea of roundabouts and me be responsible for machinery when I have such bad coordination scared me( I now have better coordination).

6) dogs I love them! My mum and dad always had a dog due to my shift patterns and lack of driving I’ve never had one myself but this I hope to changes in the next year.

7) Grew up in London. I sometimes miss the hustle and bustle of London life.

8)I was a Brownie, girl guide, ranger and young leader. I Do you miss my connection with the guiding world but I gave up when I had my son. Hope to get back into it one day.

9) I love football my team is Tottenham Hotspur and I love to watch football on TV or going to a game but I can become moody if results don’t go Tottenham way lol.

10) I am addicted to Christmas my uni bestie and me are both as bad as each other me and Holly absolutely love it after my birthday ( in October ) we in full blown in Christmas mode! We love to make gifts, watch films, planning our uni Christmas.

11) Grey’s Anatomy absolutely love this show I’ve watched season 1 to 14 so many times I’ve lost count it’s my go-to show when having to write essays and reflections as it keeps me calm relaxed. It introduced me to a 30 Second dance party!

12) My BSc Hons in adult nursing which I achieved a first for was not the first degree I’ve done. I have also got a bachelor of arts with honours in professional studies and a foundation in health studies.

13) I have a very sweet tooth I pick restaurants on the dessert menus if they’re nothing I like on it that will not be eating in there!

14)where my passion for working with the RCN comes from was my first experience of Congress in Bournemouth 2015, being in a room full of nurses, healthcare practitioners and students so passionate about the profession had me hooked I’ve since been to four congresses. I was A student information officer with RCN till I qualified in January. I am now a trainee Steward rep looking forward to the challenges this will bring.

15) I am dyslexic and it impacts on my confidence in my ability sometimes particularly my public speaking as it makes me stammer and confuses my words. I’m working towards gaining confidence in this and I’m hoping by my fifth Congress I will be able to speak up and have a say on an issue!

16) I love musical theatre well theatre in general, I love that feeling of going and being taken out of reality into a different world but I hate people who eat during shows!

17) I love my job on emergency assessment and discharge unit (EADU) in my small but might trust. Coming up to my six-month newly qualified anniversary and I absolutely love the team I work with they are so supportive and help me to develop and also allowing me to become the nurse I want to be.

18)I want to run a marathon in a few years’ time so I have started with Couch to 5K. You have to start somewhere.

19) I had ovary cancer in 2013 and was very lucky as it was diagnosed in the very early stages.  if it wasn’t for staff nurse Kristy who made me go to A&E while I was on shift as HCA they may never catch it so early so Kirsty you will always be my nursing hero

20) I’m a big believer on trying everything once and that you’ve only got one life so live it!


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