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What do you fear in the future of nursing? by Rachael Lambe

What do I fear in the future of nursing? This is a tricky one… I’ve spent a while thinking and reflecting, and I would probably say my biggest fear is that the staffing crisis will continue.

The staffing crisis within the NHS is extensive. This is an issue not just impacting nurses, but every other role within the NHS also. Every day, there are thousands of shifts unfilled across the NHS, which puts added pressure on healthcare staff and ultimately impacts the care patients receive. As a healthcare professional, your goal is to provide the best possible care you can for your patients and to support them to the best of your ability in their recovery. However, when areas are short staffed it can be difficult to do this. It is not through a lack of trying, or through a lack of care; it is because staff are only human. We will do everything we possibly can to ensure our patients receive the best possible care we can provide, despite the staffing crisis.

The NHS is such an incredibly caring, inclusive, and compassionate institution that I am proud to be part of. Every day I get the pleasure of working alongside such brave, caring, compassionate, observant, attentive, loyal, resilient, kind, courageous individuals that make the NHS the incredible institution that it is.

Nursing is an incredibly rewarding career, where every single day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours. I am proud to be a student nurse, and I am proud to be supporting the  #KnowAboutNursing campaign to encourage prospective students to consider degrees in nursing.

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The Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery 30 Day Challenge


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Final Year Adult Nursing Student 


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