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Why Nursing is the most important job

The two pictures represent significant influences to me as a person and as a nurse.

On the left is my nana, Miriam Jones standing proudly in the garden in her uniform. Nana was a Registered General Nurse and cared for people with learning disabilities, sadly she didn’t get to see me grow up and qualify as a nurse but my granddad, her husband did, pictured on the right with me wearing my uniform, not long after qualification. As a Yorkshire man not prone to showing emotion, every time I saw him he would say “your nana would be proud”, I know that was his way of saying he was too.

I am immensely proud to be a nurse and nurse leader in the 70th year of the NHS. I have been nursing for 28 years, have worked across different sectors, largely in the field of medicine, specialising in older people’s care and dementia.  Nursing took me to the USA in the summer of 1994 to work in an American children’s summer camp.

I read recently that Nursing is faith in humanity, that even when we are at our most vulnerable, we are not alone; nursing is the most important job.  This resonated deeply with me, remembering why I came into nursing; people, caring for fellow human beings at their times of need with kindness and compassion.

I love nursing because it makes a difference to those we care for; I also love the diversity, opportunities it brings the challenges and the rewards. I can’t think of another profession that offers such privileged and unique occasions to make a real difference and impact.

#Future Nursing; My advice to future nurses; always be kind and compassionate, be the change, make the difference, lead and inspire.


Emma Wallis

Associate Director of Nursing

What inspired you to write this blog?

An opportunity to celebrate nursing and key influences

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Associate Director of Nursing

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RGN Level 1

Bev Matthews 5 months ago

That's a beautiful blog Emma - are you on Twitter?

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Emma Wallis 5 months ago

Thank you Bev, no I am not on twitter but it is on my to do list for this week, set up an account

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Bev Matthews 5 months ago

Fantastic! DO let me know when you are live on twitter please Emma

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