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Nursing Pet Peeves by Danielle Evans

I’d say my biggest pet peeve that I have on placements is a poor attitude from staff towards students. 

I still remember a nurse from my first ever day of my first placement, I was incredibly nervous and a ‘rabbit in headlights’, so it took a lot of courage to walk up to her and introduced myself and she was so rude! She rolled her eyes and told me to “just start washing someone”. I bet you can imagine she wasn’t too impressed when I said I didn’t know how to…

I just don’t really understand why people have this negative perception of students. I get that there is a lot of pressure coming from management, short staffing and no time, but at the end of the day…we need to learn. Just like they did when they were students!

Another pet peeve is opinions of age. 

There was an interesting discussion on twitter on Monday about being a ‘mature student’ and that by having more life experience can benefit you as a nurse and also meaning you have higher levels of engagement. Part of me does agree with this, I am at a University where the majority of student nurses are older, and it has been great for me to get to know them as I have learnt a lot and I guess matured quicker from being around them. I sometimes feel quite patronised in my placements because I have a “lack of life experience” and feel this sometimes makes me need to work harder than older students to prove my capability and fit into the team. But then again, I am always up for a challenge and find it rewarding when I can prove nurses wrong! I feel quite passionate about this if I’m honest, I know that I am as capable as any of student, no matter what age!

And lastly, another nursing pet peeve is witnessing poor care. 

With this, I don’t mean it always to be purposeful and most of the time this is done apprehensively but it is always avoidable. One thing I hate is seeing people do certain things to make their lives easier, which can sometimes have a huge knock on effect for that patient. For example, people who are frail should be encouraged to stay independent as much as possible, but because they are assessed as being at risk of falls they are kept in bed with incontinence pads, there is good intention there of course, but in my opinion, it is these patients that we need to work with to improve their independence and mobility, not take it away.

I tweeted at the weekend about having to report poor manual handling, I have been lucky in not experiencing this on a placement but this was as a visitor. I felt disgusted with what I witnessed and still can’t believe people aren’t using slidey sheets – I mean, is it that hard to use them?! Really?? I would like to think that if I saw this on placement as a student nurse I would be able to do the same and report it.

So here we have it, my pet peeves! I hope this post wasn’t too negative…

Danielle x

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The Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery 30 Day Challenge

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2nd Year Student Nurse and RCN Student Information Officer

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2nd Year Student Nurse

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