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New Beginning

So tomorrow I take up my new role of Recreational Support Worker on the unit where I am based supporting people living with dementia, there's an interesting story behind how the role came about but I'll save that for another day.

I can see great potential from this role, potential to make a difference to those staying on the ward, potential to engage with family or carers, potential to form partnerships to deliver new and innovative care but most of all potential to bring joy to everyone visiting the unit whether a member of staff, patient or their loved ones.

There is great potential for us as a unit team to come together and consider what we can be doing differently that would benefit the whole patient experience, there was a great example of this recently with one of the Staff Nurses on the male ward organising a Beach Party. The member of staff worked hard to consider what would be appropriate for our client group and secured support from staff within the Trust along with donations from local businesses to ensure that the event was able to provide a wide range if activities that brought back memories of a stroll along the seafront or pier. She was able to draw together a team of staff who supported her in delivering a brilliant event that saw positive feedback from many attending the event and there are many of the patients who are still talking about the event two weeks later.

I have already began the journey of forming partnerships, an opportunity for me to adapt some previous work I completed with my previous Trust (more info here) by forging similar connections locally and there is also potential for me to create a pathway for people following diagnosis providing access to services that will support them in maintaining or improving their wellbeing. I’m excited about what lays ahead, I feel like I have been given a blank canvas with which to paint a picture of compassionate care that focusses on what matters to each person during their stay on the ward. We have an incredible amount of space that I would like to mould into an environment that is warm and welcoming with a focus on social interaction.

The groundwork has already been done as the tool has been developed and the Cubley Care Bundle is finally in print waiting for me to arrive in the morning, an adaptation of the This Is Me from the Alzheimer's Society. A document that will support us in understanding what matters to each person during their stay and allow us to co-produce the care delivered through engaging with each patient and their significant others. I have attached a copy of the document should you have the desire to take a few moments and cast your eyes upon it.

Since taking up my first Bank Nurse post within mental health I have been very passionate about the benefits of being able to engage people through activity, the opportunity to offer distraction at times of distress, the opportunity to create conversations without the pressure of face to face interviews and the opportunity to connect with a person by walking alongside them in a shared experience. This passion has continued with me throughout my career and as my knowledge expands the more I am drawn to consider what it is that can be important to people staying on our wards. 

My mind is a buzz with ideas and I look forward to the weeks ahead as the pages of this first chapter of my new beginning.

What inspired you to write this blog?

A bigger story to tell, an opportunity to share the co-production tool developed for our unit and a certain amount of anxiety about taking up the role.

What is your role?

Today a Nursing Assistant, tomorrow a Recreational Support Worker

What are your nursing and/or midwifery qualifications?

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