Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

Changing perceptions of nursing, introducing young people to nursing as a career

The response we received to an email requesting nurses to join us on a mission to educate young people about the different types of nursing was fantastic. Over 40 nurses at Bradford district care foundation trust wanted to share their stories to inspire young people to think about nursing as a career.

We held a get together after work to talk about how we wanted to do this, nurses from all our services including mental health, learning disability, CAMHS, childrens and adult nurses came together. We developed lesson plans and formulated a timetable to visit schools.

We got some young people from a local school to listen and feedback on our ideas, this was so useful. The young people wanted to hear our stories and our journeys into nursing. They understood what we were trying to get across and gave us the confidence to deliver our lesson plans in schools. We had our first visit to a secondary school last week. We learnt a lot, there was some apathy and some enthusiasm.

Did we touch and influence some young minds? The feedback said we did! Particularly, the mental health nurses with their powerful resources and drive to reduce the stigma around mental health. So onwards and upwards, we have the next 6 months planned out, with representatives from all our disciplines visiting schools proud of our profession and determined to tell our stories! :)

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30 Day Challenge

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RGN, SCPH (health visiting)

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