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The Gap Year

16 days to take up the challenge, procrastinating at the start in the hope of creating the right energy.

30 Day Challenge - July

Well it's been a long while since I put virtual pen to paper to ramble for a while but there is a good explanation for this, on this occasion it also stretches beyond the usual procrastination that those that have been following this journey have grown used to. They say that moving house is one of the most stressful points in a person's life and this is one of the many things that I have had to contend with over the past twelve months but that is only the beginning and the move was relatively stress free to if I'm honest.

The change of location brings with it the change of employer and that's something I've not had to contend with in over twelve years which in itself is a world record for me, looks like I may have found a vocation that is right for me.

You'll be glad to know that since the #BionicCaremaker embarked on this gap year that has brought me here to be writing again, so in a way I think I may have taken that break that many students take before heading off to university to allow them time to find themselves and embrace new experiences.

I am proud to say that there are many new experiences and pleased that my current employer have a taste for creating fast paced change at a 'local' campus level, which initially felt a little uncomfortable as I had grown used to the grinding cogs that we have come to expect from change within our health system. I'm interested to see if this same passion is embraced when approaching change at scale across the wider Trust.

There have so many positive developments over the past twelve months which continue to make my head spin when I take a breath and remind myself about them, developing a tool for us to use on the dementia unit where I am based to deliver care that matters to each person during their stay on our wards, becoming our Trust's first Nursing Ambassador which seemed like a natural development of my #Caremaker  role and I'm looking forward to driving these and other opportunities forward with my future musings and also with the opportunities that are being created through engaging with the Transforming Perceptions platform and the Ambassador role itself.

I think we can safely say that I have accepted that living life on the edge and embracing the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone is becoming part of professional life and is becoming integral to the work that I am doing especially as I'm about to take up the role of Recreational Support Worker on the unit, taking up the role of Staff Governor is also something that I look forward to and it doesn't quite fill me with the same dread or create the near heart attack anxiety that overwhelmed me on being listed as one of Health and Social Care's Standout Stars as part of the #NHS70.

The imposter syndrome is something that's holding on in there but it is that feeling that I think keeps me grounded and focussed on the task ahead.

Now that the seal on the ink well has been broken once more perhaps I can continue to share stories of the positive differences that are being made and the good practice that is being developed locally in the hope that others see the benefits and adopt into their own environment.


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Cara Southgate 6 months ago

Lovely Blog agree Imposter syndrome good thing. Took me a long time to realise this tough!!

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