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Randomised coffee trials

Lynnette Leman
Lynnette Leman | 10 months ago | in Ambassadors' Resources

Randomised coffee trials (RTCs) are a great way to connect and engage with somebody you wouldn't normally meet up with.

All our Ambassadors have been randomly paired up, and each pair will receive an email soon, telling you who your partner is.

You need to then arrange a time in your pairs to have a quick chat over coffee. This can be about anything at all - it's just a chance to connect our community of Ambassadors together.

If you haven't yet been paired up with someone, and would like to be, please comment below.

This video explains how the Red Cross is using RTCs in their organisation.

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Tony Longbone 10 months ago

Great news, I was sat thinking this morning about getting myself registered for an RCT after I'd caught up on Module 3 from the School. I found the last one I joined really helpful as it helped me understand the need to work with both old and new power when creating effective change and I look forward to finding out who I will be paired with on this occasion.

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Neil Tomlin 10 months ago

Looking forward to making new friends and colleagues during the ambassador conference. I could be your RTC so be gentle....!

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Jarek Turif 9 months ago

Great suggestion, can we have a randomised coffee and cake trial (RCCT) please?

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Lynnette Leman 9 months ago

That sounds like a plan! Have you been matched with your RCCT partner or do you need one? If you have been matched, how did it go? It would be great to hear from you all!

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