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Work experience placements in hospitals

Personally before I left school I had decided on nursing as my chosen career!  At 16 years old though this was not easy, there seemed to be no 'work experience' available and the local hospital and care homes were also not able to support so I extended my search to the next hospital and it was there that I was able to begin career and have never looked back since 2003!

In my current role (ward sister) when I heard the Trust were going to stat running a 'work experience' programme for school pupils, naturally it was something I felt passionately about and consequently volunteered our ward as a placement area and for the last few years provided placements for pupils looking at starting a career I health care. We have gained a lot from this as a ward and the pupils have enjoyed it too and I think this programme could be extended as there are so many healthcare careers available.

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Jamie Waterall 11 months ago

Great idea Hannah! Could your model be written up as a case study or blog to encourage other trusts to consider this approach? @wenurses would be a good place to blog about this.


Zara Head 11 months ago

I totally agree, but let’s not stop at hospitals. GP practices often offer work experience to those looking at nursing, not just medicine. We have had young people on work experience with us at the CCG. But if we all show our love for our profession from all our different angles we can influence and encourage so many potential nurses


Lynnette Leman 8 months ago

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