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Uniforms for everyone

An idea I've heard from colleagues works in other countries such as Germany, get everyone in the NHS wearing a uniform. Including doctors and AHPs. Standardise uniforms across all trusts. So the public don't just see Drs as trustworthy because they have a shirt and tie on. @millpainter

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Ideas from Twitter 11 months ago

A nationwide uniform policy= make the designation of all staff members clear to patients and the public. This would highlight nurses and the importance of our role individually and as part of the team. Healthcare assistants are often referred to as nurse by patients. @MForinton


Wendy Nicholson 11 months ago

Wouldn't this be good - everyone would understand who is who! CYP told us they wanted school nurses in uniforms as they could be recognised and trusted


Zara Head 11 months ago

Although I agree that it would be a good way for the general public to understand who is who, the variation of roles, especially in primary care might make this difficult. Apprentice HCAs, HCA’s, Nursing Associates, treatment room nurses, practice nurses, nurse practitioners, advanced nurse practitioners, first contact practitioners, emergency care practitioners, emergency nurse practitioners.... (and I’m guessing I’ve omitted some others) it gets quite complicated for other health care professionals to understand, never mind the public. Even if the idea was to uniform by grade, agenda for change is still optional for primary care, Whitley scale still exists. But in principle I like the idea


Jamie Waterall 11 months ago

It would be good to look if there is any evidence to support this approach and if non exist try piloting this to see if it really does work.


Lynnette Leman 8 months ago

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