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Lets focus on burnout

Burnout is horrible and I see so many nurse friends suffering from burnout.  The pressures in health and care a growing, more nurses are feeling the pressure and some are going off sick.  If we can prevent burnout there will be many positive outcomes - to name a few... happier staff, improved morale, reduced sickness, happier students working with qualified nurses and better perceptions of nursing. 

A focus on reduced burnout could include: review of safe staffing numbers, ensuring staff have breaks, a way of communicating & reporting issues... what else could be included? 



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Laura Anisha Habib - Innovation Champion Jan 15, 2018

Absolutely Zoe.
I feel I keep commenting on people's posts about what we have in our Trust but it's important to share what we have with others.

I'm the staff wellbeing lead for the the low secure forensic mental health service and have and still do lots of work surrounding this. I did a research piece on perceived and actual support which has had some real outcomes/actions.

Our Trust offers various support such as psychological support within supervision, CBT etc we have our own physiotherapist, provide yoga, realxation, mindfulness and more than I can mention (not because I can't, it's because I could go on forever).

I've found that some people come to work poorly as they don't want to let the team/patients down but end up off work longer. Or people go all day without a bite to eat, drink or use the loo.

It's important to look after the basics to help prevent burnout and we as a team can do this by supporting each other. It could be covering areas to support breaks, being there for a cuppa and a chat for 5, supporting each other to have a healthier lifestyle.

There are other areas of course that need tackling such as the work load itself. Some of this can be reduced by working more collaborative with one another, sharing the workload, making out work environment more effective such as reducing duplication of documentation etc

I know there is so much more to it than that and work based politics amongst other things but as a starts it may be small changes that make the difference. If you're interested I'm more than happy to discuss what we provide as a Trust and what outcomes have come out of the wellbeing steering group and I f there is anything you feel you could impliment in your area please pinch with pride - may work in a different area but all working towards the same thing : )

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Wendy Nicholson 11 months ago

I agree we need to think about staff wellbeing - there are NICE guidelines we should keep reminding ourselves and others we need to look after our own health and wellbeing too


Zara Head 11 months ago

I agree, if we care for ourselves and each other we are better equipped to care for others


Jamie Waterall 11 months ago

Totally agree and how can we have a health and care system which is not taking the greatest care of its own staff!