Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

Move to the Rhythm of the Band

Everyone in a non-clinical role across health and care to buddy up with a band equivalent delivering frontline clinical care and get to know them, not just for a few hours but over a period of time so that they can not only see but feel the passion and the impact of these careers on these hard working nurses and midwives

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Laura Anisha Habib - Innovation Champion Jan 15, 2018

Absolutely agree - There's some great work going on with the shadowing programme - looks like it is right up your street reading this and a previous post of yours - can send you details about what's happening in SWYFPT if it's something you're intersted in - It could be something you could implement in your area : )

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Wendy Nicholson 11 months ago

Hi don't forget those in non clinical roles have passion and still make a difference and work hard;


Lynnette Leman 8 months ago

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