Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

Let’s see a greater numbers of Nurses and Midwives in media roles (not just media medics!)

You will have probably observed that most high profile health professional on TV and Radio are medics. I have for some time thought that this needs to be rebalanced with a greater representation of nurses and midwives (and other health professionals). Can we therefore work with media outlets like the BCC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky and print press to ask that this rebalance is considered over the coming year, with a view to them all having a nurse or midwife on their lists to talk to topical issues of the day. This would significantly help us enhance our professional visibility and allow the public to see the breath of our roles.  It would be great if by this time next year, rather than all shows being led by Drs, that we have nurses and midwives presenting future health shows or even ‘Trust me I’m Nurse!!!).

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edited on Jan 15, 2018 by Jamie Waterall

Helen Bevan Jan 15, 2018

Now that you have written this down Jamie, it is really obvious! Normally, we just take this state of affairs for granted and don't even think about it. It's a case of "the hidden persuaders" in terms of the pecking order of who the "experts" are. A really good idea


Joan Pons Laplana Jan 15, 2018

Oh Yes!! I have been saying it for a while. But I need to say also that it's not entirely the media fault. Due my high visibility on SoMe I have been contact on a weekly basis to appear on TV, radios or newspaper. Unfortunately I can't be everywhere but often they ask me if I know anybody else who will be willing to be interviewed. It will be fantastic if we can have the list you are proposing and take fully advantage of the exposure from the media. I hate wasting opportunities.


Leigh Kendall Jan 15, 2018

That's a really good point, Jamie. I've just been listening to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 - on Mondays they have a health slot, with a GP who's great - why not feature a nurse though? Most of the advice is general health and wellbeing which a nurse could do just as well. Many other broadcasters have similar shows - maybe time for them to explore roles beyond medics?


Jamie Waterall Jan 15, 2018

Couldn't agree more Leigh and we have the ability to change this, so lets make this happen!


Kathryn Perera Jan 15, 2018

I like this idea, and having influential voices in the media is so important for the cultural perception of nursing. I'd love to see more nurses Vlogging as well, on really substantive topics around the future of healthcare as well as care, treatment and day-to-day issues such as diagnoses etc.


Jo Williamson Jan 15, 2018

I agree it's a good idea. It will be an opportunity to promote the image of Nursing. I work at a large Acute Trust. There are policies about media contact - very defensive. I also think it will be important to ensure those facing the camera have specialist knowledge in the topic of conversation. Don't want to make it easy for the media to portray a less than professional image of Nursing or midwifery


Ellen Nicholson Jan 15, 2018

I think the idea has merit, having one or a number of nurse commentators in the media would raise public awareness of the scope & profile of nursing, a really good idea. The next question is how to make it happen in an effective and meaningful way that impacts both the public and the profession itself.


Martina Davies Jan 15, 2018

So much scope for expert nurses in all specialities to build media exposure. By promoting the role of the nurse as a highly qualified professional in public space should increase awareness of nursing as a well respected potential career.


Wendy Nicholson 11 months ago

Jamie - perhaps we can link this to the idea we developed a few years ago with young people working as health reporters! Perhaps the national orgs such as PHE, DH and NHS Eng could support a competition amongst pre-reg students as Nurse reporters - who could fact fund and write this for journals?


Lynnette Leman 9 months ago

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