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Randomised Coffee Trials between frontline Nurses and Midwives and their local decision makers

Run a week of Randomised Coffee Trials (RCTs) between nurses and midwives and their local system wide decision makers to share and learn about each others experiences and daily decisions.

These RCTs are used to connect people across a system at random and give them time to meet to have a coffee and talk about whatever they wish. 

The RCT can be run in a wide variety of ways but one way is like this. 

a decision maker interested in taking part, sends an email to a central address and asks to be randomly connected with a frontline nurse or midwife. 

An administrator collects these requests and enters them into a specially designed spreadsheet that matches people at random. 

The administrator then tells the person with whom they have been connected. 

It is then up to them to get in touch with that person and organise a 30 minute chat over coffee. 

It need not be a coffee - it could be tea, lunch or dinner. What ever works best for them. Better still, the meeting could be a virtual one say over Skype.

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Danielle Gillett Jan 11, 2018

Hi Bev, as i am on maternity leave at the moment, im not involved with my trust. however i am organising an awareness event on the 23rd March and will be doing a RCT within the lunch hour to get professionals talking to others the may not already have done so.


Laura Anisha Habib - Innovation Champion Jan 11, 2018

The RCTs are a great way of connecting with others, we have them in our trust too along with huddles, coffee mornings, even a knit Andrea natter group etc and they are fab. Really important to link in and build relationships with others : )

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Tony Longbone Jan 13, 2018

RCT's are a wonderful way of connecting people and I like the idea of dedicating a week to facilitating this activity.

Is this something that we could promote at a national level to promote system wide interaction, we are constantly looking at ways to use technology to improve healthcare then why not use it to facilitate a conversation about system wide improvements.

The Trust I am now working for have a range of ways to connect staff and create a space where they are able talk about the work they do and the challenges they face. We hold regular Schwartz Rounds open to staff of all grades across sites which facilitates open discussion and also Practice Development Days which brings together staff of similar grades to talk about what's important to them.


Bev Matthews Jan 13, 2018

I agree Tony - system-wide would be amazing. I’d also love to see people chatting with colleagues of similar band to widen appreciation of what people are delivering across a health economy. Perhaps they could have a group coffee?


Wendy Nicholson 11 months ago

Sounds great and better still have them as walking RCT - build up your steps #nhs1000miles


Lynnette Leman 9 months ago

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Lynnette Leman 8 months ago

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