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Be excellent to each other

I was helping out with one of my nursing teams yesterday and noted that communication between different departments in such a busy pressured environment was not as kind as it could be. Made me think of this article.

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Joan Pons Laplana Jan 10, 2018

So true. When everyone works under such a pressure often we forget that is not only us and we forget to be kind. Often a kind gesture makes all the difference.


Katrina Glaister Jan 10, 2018

Thank you for this Petra. I have been reading around the subject of civility (which is linked) but hadn't found this article! Consideration towards our colleagues (call it kindness/civility/thoughtfullness or whatever) is key at all times but perhaps never more so now in the NHS


Kate Pound Jan 10, 2018

Reforming the culture of healthcare: the case for intelligent kindness.
Kindness is so important when I started nursing I really felt part of a family. It is this feeling that makes us pull together in difficult times, poor behavior is never acceptable.
What do you think is the action required here to change the culture and therefore send out positive messages?


Petra Rosier Jan 10, 2018

I’m a firm believer in leading from example, I try very hard to remain kind and approachable to my staff. If things aren’t right I will manage it but never unkindly. Also, there is a risk to junior colleagues that if they see senior nurses behaving negatively it could become learned behaviour.


Wendy Nicholson 11 months ago

I like this and there is a campaign about random acts of kindness which could support, kindness is so important and it makes us feel good


Lynnette Leman 8 months ago

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