Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

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Face-to-face communication is still the most effective way to inspire people on careers. 

This could be particularly powerful in challenging stereotypes and improving diversity in the workforce. Children want to see people in jobs that reflect them.  



What resources were most helpful?

A really simple thing that nurses and midwives can do is sign up to Inspiring the Future - You will then get invites from teachers in your area to talk to students in schools and other career based initiatives. 


What would be even better if ...

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Bev Matthews Jan 8, 2018

Great link Darren, which will help to create a map of initiatives

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Andrew Clifton Jan 9, 2018

Definately worth considering this, especially if we can address diversity in the nursing workforce.

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Alan Simmons Jan 12, 2018

I've been involved with Inspiring the Future (not to be confused with Inspiring Futures which is a different organisation) since 2015 and although I'm not a nurse or a midwife, it has provided a great opportunity to raise the profile of careers in the health sector generally and to dispel many of the myths that surround them.

Schools often seek volunteers from employing organisations and the NHS in particular and I agree with Darren that face to face is the most effective way to inspire people.

Some of the most inspirational people I've heard speak in front of an audience are those who have spoken from the heart and with passion. They can have more of an impact than someone who has a prepared speech or talk!

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Kate Pound Jan 14, 2018

I wonder if we can get more nurses and midwives involved in School / Community STEM work as well

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Awo Hussein Jan 16, 2018

I just posted my story about a school careers day I was invited to through Inspiring the Future. It's a great opportunity to engage with young people and inspire the next generation of nurses and midwives!

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Wendy Nicholson 11 months ago

Sounds great - I would recommend linking to school nurses so the benefits of nursing are seen more widely than career options too - there are so many opportunities !

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Yitka Graham 11 months ago

We at the Sunderland School of Nursing work with Inspiring the Future. We regularly give talks in primary schools and engage students in interactive sessions designed to encourage positive perceptions of Nursing and the breadth of careers available within Nursing and

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Lynnette Leman 8 months ago

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