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Sometimes it just takes a thank you

We have many ways of demonstrating gratitude, thanks, a pat on the back where I work and it comes in many forms which is fab. Here's a few examples:

Thank you cards that can be typed onto or written on. Thanks to the fabulous comms team who designed a great template that is easily accessible for all. I recieved one for helping out at a 'EYUP', which is a charity associated with the Trust. Lovely gesture it was.

As well as verbally, a mention in comms, Trust intranet, headlines and email. I recall a colleague being really pleased that he got a mention in the Trust wide communications and that his story of patient care was shared after an interview with him about the work that he does.

People work really hard day in day out and sometimes genuinely saying thank you can make all the difference. Some people want incentives, prizes etc but someone actually recognising your hard work and saying, do you know what, I've seen the work you do, it does make a difference and thank you is something that can give us that extra motivation we need to remain positive, enthusiastic and passionate about caring for others.

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Jamie Waterall Jan 6, 2018

There is also an evidence base which supports the use of formally saying thank you in the workplace and celebrating others. We commonly use this in the team I work in at the moment with our hero of the week.


Laura Anisha Habib - Innovation Champion Jan 6, 2018

That's fab. We don't have hero of the week, although a colleague noted other areas were doing this and thinks it's great and would like to introduce it in our area too, but we do have a board that reflects where good work is achieved and a book that anyone can write in to say thank you. From someone doing a butty run or great team work in challenging times - both are acknowledged : )


Tony Longbone Jan 9, 2018

A thank you goes a long way when the pressure's on.

I try my best to thank the team I work with on a shift by shift basis and there's a lot to be said for an official thank you via email or recognition card is even better.

Having just joined another Trust I was proud to receive nomination for a #DEED award within a short period of taking up my role and finding out a little more about the Delivering Excellence Every Day award I thought what a great idea.

Staff can nominate each other to recognise work that is undertaken in line with our Trust values and all nominations are then judged to decide a monthly winner.


Laura Anisha Habib - Innovation Champion Jan 9, 2018

It does indeed Tony.
Love that - 'Delivering Excellence Every Day'. Great to read other trusts are demonstrating appreciation in many ways and a high five to you for getting a 'DEED'.

A colleague Tanya recognised that other trusts are doing an employee of the week/month type thing and is hoping to bring it to our trust alongside the other initiatives already in place, all that are fab of course. Different acts of thanks is a good and effective way to say nice one, great work, thank you.

: )