Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery


Social media campaign to share proud moments (myometeium moments... when your heart squeezes) share our moments Ans experiences when we are #ProudToBe a nurse, midwife or carer ... 

Tell us your story below ...

This is based on a theory of epic positivity ... sharing positive myometeium moments can highlight beautiful moments in nursing midwifery and healthcare ... while creating a ripple effect - an epidemic or pandemic of positivity. 

Jamie Waterall Jan 4, 2018

Totally agree that we need to be using more social media as a profession and as you say celebrate the good things about the profession. We are currently piloting a programme to achieve this with all professional focusing on prevention via twitter called #AllourHealth


Emily Goss Jan 5, 2018

When I was at university the benefit of social media was never discussed. They always focused on what we shouldn't do on social media and that it's 'best to steer clear'. However, since qualifying I see how social media can be brilliant when used the right way.

I like the idea of creating a positive ripple effect. There is far to much negativity on social media at the moment. We need to balance it out. Why would the youth of today consider nursing when all they see on the news and social media is that the NHS is crumbling and doctors and nurses are stressed all the time?


Deirdre Munro Jan 5, 2018

That's so true Emily ....


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