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Create opportunities for emerging nurse leaders to help tackle some of the biggest, most complex problems in NHS organisations

If nurses and midwives wait to get seats in key decision-making groups and committees, they might have a long wait. Frontline colleagues actually have the most knowledge about how to solve some of our toughest NHS problems. So why couldn't we set up a nationwide challenge to mobilise groups of emerging nurse leaders, other clinical colleagues and students to tackle some big challenges? The nearest thing to this is the "15 steps challenge" that happened a few years ago. Across the country, there were a number of senior leaders, mostly Directors of Nursing, who set the 15 step challenge to groups of students and newly qualified nurses. They came up with some outstanding results and earnt a lot of respect. Here is the link to the 15 step challenge:

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Paul Vaughan Jan 5, 2018

This could be a really positive and exciting way to show the difference that nurses make. A really exciting idea.


Emily Goss Jan 5, 2018

I really like this approach. Before I start a shift on the ward I like to take a step back and look around. You can pick up so much from taking that half a minute to observe.

The 15 step challenge is a simple idea which can be completed by anyone no matter what level of training they have. I agree with Paul - this shouldn't just be offered to students and newly qualified staff.


Emily Goss Jan 5, 2018

I'd like to add that as a newly qualified nurse I agree with what you say, Helen. I feel I have a long long way to go before I can influence decisions made by the big bosses in upper managerial positions.

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Tony Longbone Jan 5, 2018

Totally agree with this idea Helen and I look forward to reading up more about the 15 Step Challenge.

Two questions that I have about this though.

1. Why was it only offered students and newly qualified staff, what about the unregistered staff?

2. How can we create a space to develop the 15 Step Challenge at a national level?


Joan Pons Laplana Jan 5, 2018

Love this. We need more horizontal power to balance the system.


Wendy Nicholson 11 months ago

This is a great and shows the need for inter-connectivity across systems


Lynnette Leman 9 months ago

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Lynnette Leman 8 months ago

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